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The induction heating has numerous advantages, both for the technical and economical aspect.

  • Rapidity in the heating, in some processes may be considered almost istantaneous; this determines a significant increase of the production.

  • Absence of contact between the inductor and the heated material.

  • Localized action that consents to concentrate the heating in delimitated areas, to avoid damaging mechanical deformations.

  • Constant and uniform action that makes possible a serial production with absolutely identical characteristics in all the pieces treated.

  • Absence of smokes or noxious vapours during the treatment.

  • Possibility of doing the heating of materials placed in protected areas (vacuum tubes, controlled atmospheres, etc..)

  • Versatility of use, because the installations may be easily used for a wide range of operations regarding the thermic treatment and the braze welding.

  • Energetic saving due to the capacity of concentrating the heating in the interested zone, avoiding the useless heating of the whole piece, and the rapidity of the start up: the electronic generators are ready in few seconds and their consumption is limited to the real heating period.