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The electronic generators actually realized from the AETRON Applicazioni Elettroniche are essentially of two types:
  • inductive generators, for the thermic treatment of the metals (surfaces localized hardening, total tempering, annealing, braze welding with alloys with low and high fusion point). This family includes the three categories of the "traditional" generators, "aperiodic" generators and the "solid state" generators.

  • capacitive generators, for the heating of plastic thermosetting materia, for the sticking and the drying of the wood.

  • On demand, it's possible to have particular voltages and feeding frequency.

    Futhermore are available systems for the temperature measurement through optical pyrometers, to join with the inductive generators with control functions and/or power regulation.

    For particular productive processes there are forseen control systems of the process that monitor in real time the most important variables, according to the customer's needs.

    If requested, it is possible to develop projects and realize special mechanical equipment able to make the work cycles automatic or semiautomatic.

    We remind, at last, our after-sale service report which assures interventions to the customer in a short time even on old installations that aren't part of our production.

    AETRON Applicazioni Elettroniche is pleased to put its experience in favour of the customer who wants to state his problem and try to research the more rational and convenient solution.