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AETRON Applicazioni Elettroniche boasts a decennial experience in the electronic generators for the induction heating, acquired through the planning and the installation of numerous implants for various applications.

The principal applications may be divided in five categories, here illustrated:

  • Total heating

  • In this category there are those productive processes in which it's necessary to bring all the material at a specific temperature: forging, tempering, blue annealing.
  • Superficial heating

  • Includes the productive processes in which it's required a localized heating on the external surface of the material; the most important is surely the hardening treatment.
  • Braze welding

  • In this group are included the various processes of braze welding, with alloys both of low and high fusion point.
  • Fusion

  • The induction heating may be particularly useful in case of need of a fusion for a limited quantity of material (precious metal field, laboratory research), or when the material is placed in particular ambients (under vacuum or in protected atmospheres).
  • Special Applications

  • In this category are included all the productive processes that need a localized heating at a more or less high temperature.
    The induction heating may be very interesting for multiple industrial fields, as for example:
  • motor, cycle and motorcycle

  • motoristic, spare parts and accessories

  • agricoltural machinery and farm tractors

  • precious metals, jewellery, trinkets

  • optics

  • weapons, army munitions and projectile

  • mechanical tooling, blades and saws

  • screws, nut and hot forged pieces

  • utensile machinary

  • metallic vases and domestic pottery

  • sewing machines

  • textile machines

  • boilers, radiators, convectors

  • metallic bottles/cylinders and containers

  • machinery for the marble working

  • vacuum tube, getters